• Muncho Lake Provincial Park - Muncho Lake British Columbia

      muncho lake
      Photo by Rick Quinn
      Muncho Lake, in the heart of the northernmost section of the Canadian Rockies, is considered by many to be the most beautiful lake along the Alaska Highway. The extraordinary blue-green color is the result of a high concentration of copper oxide, leached into the water from mineral deposits in the surrounding mountains. The bit of extra copper hasn't caused any harm to the fish population, lake trout in excess of 30 pounds are caught here on a regular basis. The lake is best viewed in the early morning, before the breeze picks up and causes ripples that spoil the mirrored reflections.

      If you go:
      The provincial park has two campgrounds, both with incredible views, as well as a hotel, the Northern Rockies Lodge, which is open all year. Guided fishing trips are available, as well as sightseeing tours in small aircraft.


      Km 681 of the Alaska Highway
      Muncho Lake British Columbia VOC Canada

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      1. Pmount's Avatar
        Pmount -
        In 1998 we camped here on our way to Alaska. What I remember were the Dall Sheep in the area, probably our first sighting of them. They were down along the Alaskan Highway.
      1. Rick Quinn's Avatar
        Rick Quinn -
        Yes! Dall Sheep, and Bison! The Canadian Highway System has gone high tech: there are now electronic billboards warning of "Bison on Road, next 100 km" (or thereabouts). Immediately after passing that sign, as I was leaving Muncho Lake on my way to Watson Lake, I passed these guys:


        Like most of the wildlife along the Alaska Highway, they were completely oblivious to me and my camera. Still, I used a telephoto lens, and kept my distance. Wild Bison are nowhere near as docile as they look in the picture, so getting too close is never a good idea.