• Signpost Forest - Watson Lake, Yukon Territory

      sign posts
      Photo by Rick Quinn
      The Signpost Forest in Watson Lake, Yukon is one of the most famous landmarks on the Alaska Highway. You can't miss it: the "forest" is made up of at least two acres in the heart of this small town. There are signs of every description from towns all over the world nailed to a literal forest of poles and railings that were installed for just that purpose, row upon row, creating a fascinating maze. Visitors are encouraged to add to the collection of close to 100,000 signs that have been left over the years, beginning back in 1942, when Private Carl Lindley, an American serviceman working on the original Alaska Highway, personalized a distance marker by nailing up a home-made sign pointing toward his home town of Danville, Illinois.

      If you go:
      There's plenty of parking, so get out and stretch your legs, take a leisurely stroll through this truly unique roadside attraction. There's an Alaska Highway Interpretive Center nearby, with exhibits detailing some of the history behind the construction of this famous road.


      Mile 635, Alaska Highway
      Watson Lake, Yukon Territory Canada