• Grafton Ghost Town - Grafton, Utah

      Photo by Osie Turner
      Grafton was first settled in 1859, but most of the buildings date to around the 1880s. Most families had left by the end of the 1890s, but Grafton was not fully abandoned until 1944. Many movies have been filmed there, including "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" in 1969, and "In Old Arizona" in 1929. The remaining structures are very well preserved and the entire area is very picturesque. Grafton is one of the most photographed ghost towns for good reason.

      If you go:
      To get there, turn south on Bridge Road in Rockville and follow it over the Virgin River, then turn right on onto Grafton Road and follow it the rest of the way, about 3 miles. Grafton Road is unpaved, but the dirt is tightly packed and seems to be maintained well. There are a few very well preserved buildings, most notably the old schoolhouse, and the town cemetery. The entire area is under 24 hour surveillance, so don't be alarmed by the cameras watching the road. The buildings are not open to the public, but you are free to walk through the cemetery.


      Grafton, Utah 84767 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Grafton Heritage Partnership Project
      +1 (434) 635-2133