• Miner's Memorial Park - Mammoth, Arizona

      parra art
      Photo by Osie Turner
      This small park contains a series of sculptures dedicated to the mining history of the area, and especially to honor the sacrifices made by the early miners. The centerpiece is Jerry Parra's striking piece titled "Skeleton Crew Graveyard Shift." The art installment also contains some relics from the mines, such as a few original ore carts from the Old Tiger Mine/Mammoth Mine.

      If you go:
      The park is free and always open. To get there just pull off of Arizona State Route 77 and go west on 3rd Street, the entrance to the dirt parking lot is immediately on the right. The town cemetery is behind the park further up 3rd Street and has a beautiful crucifixion sculpture at the end of the road.


      400 Arizona Highway 77
      Mammoth, Arizona 85618 USA