• Deschutes Brewery & Public House - Bend, Oregon

      craft beer
      Photo by Peter Thody
      Such has been the impact of the craft beer revolution that brew pubs have opened up on main streets throughput the country and Bend is no exception. Opened in 1988, this is Deschutes Brewery's original public house (there's another in Portland) and the site of its first brewery too. Visit today and you can still see the company's many excellent ales, stouts and porters brewing through the windows behind the bar itself. Call in for a quick pint or two, or make time for lunch or dinner - several dishes make use of spent grain from the brewing process.

      If you go:
      The pub is open daily from 11am. Closing time is midnight on Friday and Saturday, 10pm Sunday-Tuesday and 11pm Wednesday and Thursday. If you want to know more about the brewing process and visit the brewing facility, free guided tours are available at the Bend Tasting Room.


      1044 NW Bond Street
      Bend, Oregon 97701 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Public House
      +1 (541) 382-9242

      Tasting Room
      +1 (541) 382-8606