• Nothing, Arizona

      Photo by Osie Turner
      Nothing, Arizona is essentially just that, nothing. Founded in 1977, it once had an official population of 4. Throughout much of 2003 it was a very popular place to grab snacks and cool drinks since it was very popular with the construction workers building the renovated Highway 93, but by 2005 it was completely abandoned. A few businesses have popped up and disappeared, but all that remains of the town is the Nothing sign and an old gas station building. It is a great spot to stop to stretch your legs and take a few photographs just to say that you have been there. There's plenty of open area for RVs. The rocky terrain surrounding Nothing is quite beautiful as well.

      If you go:
      Its best to stop during daylight hours, but you can go anytime. There are no hours or admission fees. Be careful of scorpions, snakes (nearby Wikieup calls itself the "Rattlesnake Capitol of the World"), coyotes, or other desert wildlife. The Wikieup Trading post is about 23 miles to the north along US Highway 93 and is a good place for snacks and bathrooms.


      Burro Creek W. Road
      Wikieup, Arizona 85360 USA

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      1. Mark Sedenquist's Avatar
        Mark Sedenquist -
        Looking at the photo now, you'd probably find it hard to believe, but back during the construction phase of that section of US-Highway 93, (in 2003) at all times of the day you'd find 20-30 cars and trucks stopped at that wide spot in the road. It actually got a little bit dangerous -- there was so much heavy construction equipment, it was like running an obstacle course to turn left into the parking lot if you were driving south. Boom and Bust -- that's the way of many western towns!