• American Visionary Art Museum - Baltimore, Maryland

      Visionary art, like art itself, is often something that may be difficult to define, even if you know it when you see it. But this museum has formulated its own definition, which is that essentially visionary art is work produced by self-taught artists who strongly feel their work has something to say. That intriguing definition has produced some intriguing art that is also sometimes dazzling, sometimes amusing, and sometimes awe-inspiring. In addition to temporary exhibits such as one exploring the theme of hope as interpreted by various artists, there is a permanent collection, which among other things features a display of the First Family Of Robots, created from recycled materials by a twentieth century artist who was also a perennial hitchhiker. The museum also hosts the East Coast Kinetic Sculpture Race each year, in case you want your art to do more than just sit there.

      If you go:
      Free admission on Martin Luther King Day. Otherwise closed on Mondays. Open 10 to 6 except Thanksgiving and Christmas. No free parking.


      800 Key Highway
      Baltimore, Maryland 21230 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      American Visionary Art Museum
      +1 (410) 244-1900