• Dismals Canyon - Phil Campbell, Alabama

      rainbow falls
      Photo by Harry Kline
      No, Dismals Canyon is not a bleak and Dismal place, its name is a mystery, but a tiny bioluminescent larvae called the dismalite lives there. It is the only known place in the world where this insect lives. So, although you can and should walk through the canyon in the daylight, the main attraction is the nighttime guided tour to see the little glowing worms. It is a rugged canyon with two waterfalls and steep walls and the path is primitive and at times slippery and narrow, so wear hiking shoes. In the summer, the upper canyon is flooded to form a swimming hole. Cabins and camping are available in season.

      If you go:
      Allow at least three hours and call ahead for reservations on the night tour. There is a combo fee for both day and night tours, and a country store and grill serve as the waiting place between tours.


      901 Hwy 8
      Phil Campbell, Alabama 35581 USA

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      Dismals Canoyn
      901 Hwy 8
      Phil Campbell, AL 35581 USA

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      Dismals Canyon
      +1 (205) 993-4559