• Nadine's Playhouse Mausoleum - Lanett, Alabama

      Photo by Harry Kline
      One of only a handful of playhouse graves in the USA, Nadine Earles' is very interesting, because it has other family graves within the stone section, including both her father and mother. Nadine died in 1933 at the age of 4, a week before Christmas. Her heartbroken parents had a brick dollhouse built for her gravesite, complete with a surrounding brick wall. It is very ornate, with awnings and toys that a four-year-old would enjoy, and even a Christmas Tree. The family and friends eventually held a birthday party at the house two years after Nadine passed away.

      If you go:
      It is very easy to get to the Dollhouse, as 1st Street goes close by it, and the cemetery has a paved road alongside of the mausoleum. It seems morbid, but the house and 'yard' are fascinating in their own way.


      1400-1498 1st Street
      Lanett, Alabama 36863 USA