• Granite, Oregon

      ghost town
      Photo by Peter Thody
      Founded in 1862 following the discovery of gold, Granite was once home to 5000 people (of whom as many as 3000 were Chinese working supposedly mined out claims). Today it is a must-see stop along the 100 mile Elkhart Drive Scenic Byway, being part ghost town - many of the old, abandoned buildings still cling determinedly to the hillside - and part living community complete with characterful store / cafe / gas station.

      If you go:
      Call into the Outback Store (immediately on your left as you arrive in Granite) and ask for a copy of the walking tour map - the historic properties all carry a reference number


      Bull Run to Baker Road 24
      Granite, Oregon 97877 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Travel Oregon
      +1 (800) 547-7842