• McMenamins Old St Francis School - Bend, Oregon

      Photo by Peter Thody
      Generations of students passed through the doors of St. Francis School in the six decades from 1936 to 2000. Today the school has relocated to a modern building in Bend and the former schoolrooms are now guest rooms in this unique destination hotel. Other parts of the old school are home to a pub, a restaurant and an in-house bakery. The basement dining room is now a brewery and the gym a small movie theater. Best of all though, is the mosaic-tiled soaking pool, open to guests from 7.00 am to midnight.

      If you go:
      Be sure to sample one or two of the excellent beers served here - Hammerhead pale ale is real favourite! Old St Francis School is one of more than 20 breweries operated by McMenamins across Oregon and Washington.


      700 N.W. Bond Street
      Bend, Oregon 97703 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      +1 (541) 382-5174