• Atlanta to Augusta, Georgia

      191 Miles – 4-5 hours

      A trip on I-20 East, from Atlanta to Augusta, Georgia, offers many "treasures." Several small towns along this route offer intriguing side trips to historic battle sites, antebellum neighborhoods and plenty of places to savor local southern cuisine.

      Here are some of the highlights you can see along this route

      Covington (mile 37).
      Since the 1950’s, Covington has been a popular spot for the production of 20 + films and TV shows, such as "The Dukes of Hazzard" and "In the Heat of the Night", making it "The Hollywood of the South." There are also many fine antebellum homes here, and the Newton County Courthouse is a Victorian Gem built in 1884 with an unusual off-center clock tower.

      Social Circle (mile 50)
      'Georgia’s Greatest Little Town'. Social Circle features a large historic district with more than 50 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. It is also home to the renowned (though closed as of summer 2022) Blue Willow Inn Restaurant that is considered the finest example of Southern Traditional cooking in the south. It is buffet style, moderately priced and the food is wonderful!

      Madison (mile 76)
      Madison is known as "Georgia’s Antebellum Showcase." The antebellum homes here are beautiful, and Madison is one of Georgia’s largest National Register Historic Districts. There are also several museums, the Madison-Morgan Cultural Center, and many outstanding Bed and Breakfasts.

      Washington (mile 124)
      There are many sites to visit around Washington including the Callaway Plantation, Washington Historical Museum, the Robert Toombs House Historic Site, and the Kettle Creek Battlefield Revolutionary War site.

      Thomson (mile 151)
      Be sure to stop in at the Rock House. Built around 1785, it is the oldest stone residence in Georgia and is rumored to be haunted. From Thomson it is 40 miles to Augusta where you can finish your trip.

      Typical of the Antebellum homes you can see on this route
      Photo by iStockPhoto.com-PastorScott