• Sacajawea Grave & Memorial - Fort Washakie, Wyoming

      Photo by Harry Kline
      Sacajawea, the Native American woman who acted as guide and interpreter for the Lewis & Clark Expedition, is buried near Fort Washakie, Wyoming. There is much controversy over her life and death with some accounts saying she only lived to age 24 and is buried in South Dakota, but at this "official" grave she is listed to have lived to 100-years-old. Visitors to the grave and memorial have made it a shrine, leaving coins, trinkets and flowers at the base of her statue.

      If you go:
      Fort Washakie is now on the grounds of the Wind River Shoshoni Indian Agency. Some of the historic buildings from the fort are still visible. Chief Washakie's Grave is in the old Fort Washakie Cemetery


      Cemetery Lane
      Fort Washakie, Wyoming 82514 USA