• Belle of Louisville - Louisville, Kentucky

      The Belle of Louisville is the oldest operating Mississippi River steamboat in the world. In October, 2015 she will be 101 years old. The boat is completely paddlewheel driven with a steel hull and draws only 5-feet of water. She is docked along the Louisville Riverwalk of the Ohio River along-side a smaller boat known as The Spirit of Jefferson. Dinner and Lunch cruises are offered as well as a two-hour cruise on the river. There are discounts for children and seniors, adult prices are $21 for the two-hour cruise. Two hours before the boat leaves the dock an on-board steam calliope plays old standards. So, even if you don't cruise, you can enjoy the festivities. Cruises go every day except Mondays, weather permitting. Prices for The Spirit of Jefferson trips are $15.

      If you go:
      There are several good vantage points to watch the steamboat back out and cruise down the river. The Galt House Hotel is directly behind the dock area be sure to visit the Al J's lounge in the Conservatory, the bar is actually an aquarium and fish swim under your drinks.


      401 W River Road
      Louisville, Kentucky 40202 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      +1 (502) 574-2992