• The Pink Elephant - Marquette, Iowa

      Photo by Megan Edwards
      Affectionately known as "Pinky" this statue has had a colorful history on the banks of the Mississippi River. First created by Bob Reis in July, 1963 and positioned at the front of the Pink Elephant Supper Club, his feet got a bit wet when the Mississippi River crested at the record height of 25.4 feet in the Spring of 1965. Not to outdone by mother nature, Pinky was loaded on a pontoon boat and "water-skied" on the river in August 1976 to meet President Jimmy Carter. In early 1994, Pinky was put into storage while the Port of Marquette was re-built. In December 1994, Pinky was installed in its current location welcoming visitors and locals to the City of Marquette.

      If you go:
      Eagles Landing Winery offering wine tastings about two blocks away. It is a cute place and worth a visit. The Canadian Pacific Railroad operates the track in the area and one can capture some great photos of the bright red locomotives against the dark greens of the Mississippi River.


      100 Anti Monopoly
      Marquette, Iowa 52157 USA