• El Cuartelejo - Scott City, Kansas

      El Cuartelojo
      Photo by Megan Edwards
      A reconstruction of a seven room pueblo believed to have built by the Taos and Apache people around 1664. It is believed that this pueblo was abandoned in the early 1700's. There is some evidence that this pueblo was burned. The only access to the living areas was by ladders through holes in the roof. Stone from the surrounding hills was used to construct this pueblo. This is the only known pueblo found in Kansas. The foundation was rebuilt in 1970 to appear as it was in 1889 when the first archeological excavations were undertaken.

      If you go:
      The pueblo is located in the Lake Scott State Park. Nice walks in the area with sandy beaches for swimming. The road into the park is scenic, descending down to a lush oasis in the middle of the western Kansas prairie.


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