• Troutdale, Oregon to The Dalles: Oregon's Historic Columbia River Highway

      77 miles – 2 hours 45 minutes

      ‘Majestic’ is the adjective that springs most readily to mind when describing this most scenic of byways (which is actually split into two separate sections). Steep hills and cliffs rise up from the broad waters of the Columbia and you’ll find your drive being constantly interrupted by the temptation to follow a trail to a waterfall or stop off at a viewing point.

      Troutdale is your starting point if, like most visitors, you’re doing it west-to-east; these are just some of the more popular attractions.

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      Western section

      Vista House, Crown Point (mile 10)
      A memorial to Oregon’s pioneers and among the highway’s most photographed landmarks, historic Vista House sits above a 733-feet cliff and offer superb views over the Columbia.

      Multnomah Falls (mile 17)
      It’s almost a legal requirement that Multonomah Falls be described as the “second-tallest year-round waterfall in the nation”, but the combination of a 620 feet drop and the beautiful Benson Bridge means Multnomah is second to none when it comes to photogeniosity. The restaurant in the Lodge at the foot of the falls is surprising good value too.

      Washington State (mile 30)
      There’s a 25-mile ‘gap’ in the byway between Bonnevile Dam and Hood River. My advice would be to cross over into Washington at the Bridge of the Gods and enjoy a quiet, scenic drive along Washington State Route 14, the Lewis and Clark Highway.

      Eastern section

      Mosier Twin Tunnels (mile 59)
      Before you rejoin the highway, why not visit part or all of the 4-mile Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail that runs between Hood River and Mosier. This is a section of the original highway – including twin tunnels – that was closed in the 1950s but has now been re-opened to hikers and bicycles.

      Rowena Crest, Mayer State Park (mile 66)
      The eastern counterpart to Crown Point, Rowena Crest offers wonderful views of the Columbia River Gorge. The Rowena Loops – a series of glorious sweeping curves – provide a memorable drive from the crest back down to river level.

      Columbia Gorge Discovery Center (mile 71)
      Located at the eastern end of the highway, the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center includes exhibits on the geology, history, people and wildlife of the region, and also has a gallery dedicated to Lewis and Clark.

      Find Hotels and Motels Near The Dalles

      Multnomah Falls, somehow enhanced by
      the elegance of Benson Bridge

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      1. Sam Kynman-Cole's Avatar
        Sam Kynman-Cole -
        Wow, a 620 foot waterfall sounds worth visiting, have added it to my planned trip. What I have so far:
      1. luvacorgi's Avatar
        luvacorgi -
        I'd recommend you don't take 1-84 both ways. Take the Scenic Route through downtown Troutdale, over the Sandy River and through Springdale and Corbett to get there, and I-84 back...or go to Hood River and cut across Mt Hood and back down through the small mountain towns and Sandy. The drive is beautiful and you'll see places to stop or hike along the way.
      1. Mark Sedenquist's Avatar
        Mark Sedenquist -

        Thanks for the local intel and welcome to RTA!