• Muldoons Pasties - Munising, Michigan

      Photo by Megan Edwards
      Throughout the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan) are scores and scores of restaurants serving pasties. Pasties are served warm and the most popular version is beef and potatoes in a baked dough pocket. Brown gravy is served with them (delicious) but you can also eat them like a sandwich. Other common fillings are chicken and vegetables. A real treat is a pasty filled with either cherry or apple pie filling. Muldoons' recipe has won awards. Be warned, one pasty is a VERY hearty meal for one person. The pasties are prepared fresh in the adjacent kitchen every day and you can watch the bakers at work. The shop also prepares and sells fresh fudge and has a variety of funny "Yooper" gifts.

      If you go:
      Munising is the gateway to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and boat tours leave from the city dock several times each day. Excellent coffee and beautiful pottery from local artists can be enjoyed at the Falling Rocks Cafe near the docks.


      1246 M-28
      Munising, Michigan 49862 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Muldoons Pasties
      +1 (906) 387-5880

      Falling Rock Cafe
      +1 (906) 387-3008

      Interagency Visitor Center Pictured Rocks
      +1 (906) 387-3700

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      1. Peter Thody's Avatar
        Peter Thody -
        A traditional Cornish miner's pasty had meat at one end and fruit at the other - a complete meal in one with a convenient 'handle' on the outside that could be thrown away.
      1. Mark Sedenquist's Avatar
        Mark Sedenquist -
        These pasties are about the size of a large man's hand. Without thinking, I ordered a meat and potatoes and a cherry filling serving. My goodness, it had a definite effect on the scale! Guess I needed to run a few miles or find a mine to work in for a day to match the caloric loading of this repaste. Very, very tasty. While we were at Muldoons, about a dozen people purchased more than 30 of these treats -- all left with HUGE smiles on their faces.

        Interesting to know about the traditional form of serving these treats.