• Town of Wells, Nevada

      Photo by Peter Thody
      The deep springs that gave Wells its name were a natural resting stop for the Shoshone and subsequently made this a well known point along the California Trail. The arrival of first the Transcontinental Railroad and then US Highway 40 brought a level of prosperity that is hard to imagine today. And as if the economic changes of the late 20th century weren't enough, this proud little city was hit by a major earthquake in 2008, damaging or destroying large parts of its historic Front Street which dates back to around 1868.

      If you go:
      Today it owes much of its appeal to its history. Throughout the city there are remnants of the numerous classic motor courts that once lined its streets. Other local attractions include the Metropolis ghost town and rut marks of pioneer wagons. Visit the Emigrant Trail Interpretive Center for full details.


      Emigrant Trail Interpretive Center
      436 6th Street
      Wells, Nevada 89835 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      +1 (775) 752-3540