• The Old Mill - North Little Rock, Arkansas

      old mill
      Photo by Dennis Goza
      If you've ever watched the classic 1939 film "Gone With The Wind", you may have noticed the old grist mill depicted during opening credits, and it may have occurred to you that it must have been difficult to find a period mill in such fine condition. In fact, that mill still looks the same today, located in the T.R. Pugh Memorial Park in North Little Rock. And it was only constructed 6 years before the film was shot. But it was specifically designed by Mexico City sculptor Dionico Rodriguez to look as if it had been constructed a century or so earlier. His design includes bridges and sculpture that appear to have been fashioned from tree branches, though in fact they are made of concrete. As you might imagine, this picturesque spot has become a popular location for weddings. It is now on the National Register Of Historic Places.

      If you go:
      Free admission. No smoking. Be sure to stroll along the stream and read the plaque dedicated to several soldiers who lost their lives in a training exercise on the river during World War II.


      3800 Lakeshore Drive
      North Little Rock, Arkansas 72116 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      North Little Rock Visitors Bureau
      +1 (501) 758-1424

      Toll Free Information
      +1 (800) 643-4690