• Shequaga Falls - Montour Falls, New York

      Photo by Harry Kline
      In the heart of the town of Montour Falls is a very scenic waterfall, Shequaga Falls, which translates to "Tumbling Waters" in a local Native American language. It can be difficult to see the cascade driving on the main street, so drive a few blocks west and keep watching the cliff until you see the waterfall. You can also drive to the crest of the falls and the bridge that is seen above it.

      If you go:
      This is a small park with only two (free) parking spaces and a short walk to the pool beneath the falls, but it is still very accessible. More free parking is a short distance away. The falls are illuminated at night.


      105 North Genesee Street
      Montour Falls, New York 14865 USA

      Mailing address:
      Shequaga Falls Park Town of Montour
      Havana Glen Road
      P.O. Box 57
      Montour Falls, NY 14865 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Shequaga Falls Park
      +1 (607) 535-9476