• Fish Ladders at Bonneville Dam - Cascade Locks Oregon

      Fish Ladders at Bonneville Dam
      Photo by Harry Kline
      The Bonneville Dam was built during the Great Depression and took four years, 1934 to 1938, to complete. It has been upgraded and widened since then. On Bradford Island, the visitor center has several exhibits, but two of the best are the fish ladders, which enable salmon to migrate upriver to their spawning grounds, and the windows below them that allow watching the fish and lamprey eels underwater. Barges and boats pass through the lock alongside the dam, too, another viewing opportunity. A large fish hatchery is also on the grounds. Tours are available for large groups, but self-guided tours are equally fun and educational.

      If you go:
      Drive to the visitor center via exit 40 on I-84 and allow at least 1-2 hours to see all the exhibits. Picnic area is available.


      Bonneville Dam
      Bradford Island Visitor Center
      Cascade Locks Oregon 97014 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Bonneville Visitor Center
      +1 (541) 374-8820

      Nine Points of Interest
      +1 (541) 374-4538

      Fish Counts at the Dam
      +1 (541) 374-4011