• Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum/ USS Razorback - North Little Rock, Arkansas

      Photo by Kimberly Goza
      If there's anything more unexpected than finding a submarine on the Arkansas River, it's seeing the Turkish flag flying from it beside the American flag. But the USS Razorback enjoyed a long and distinguished service in the navies of both nations, from 1944 to 2001. Now it's the centerpiece of the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum, which also features exhibits about the tugboat USS Hoga, the battleship USS Arkansas and the missile cruiser USS Arkansas. But the highlight of a visit is a 45-minute guided tour of the USS Razorback, which the Turkish navy dubbed the TCG Muratreis. The interior is preserved/ restored to its appearance during the sub's period of operation, still featuring signs and instructions for the crew in both English and Turkish. Hear accounts of the vessel's colorful history as you stroll past the cramped racks, as sailors call their bunks, hear how some crew members were subjected to intense heat and noise in the course of their duties, see the tiny chow hall that also doubled as the movie screening room and general recreation room. You might even have a chance to peek through the periscope. A fascinating tour that leaves you amazed and impressed by the ability of naval personnel to even live under these conditions, much less do their jobs so effectively.

      If you go:
      Open only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. To get an even more intimate glimpse of what life aboard this submarine was like, groups of 10 to 35 can arrange to spend the night aboard, for a reasonable fee, sleeping in the same racks that held several generations of military men from two countries.


      120 Riverfront Park Drive
      North Little Rock, Arkansas 72114 USA

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      Ark. Inland Maritime Museum
      +1 (501) 371-8324