• Navy SEAL Museum - Fort Pierce, Florida

      Photo by Kimberly Goza
      On the site where the unit known as the Frogmen originated, and near the beaches where they trained, the Navy SEAL Museum now stands to honor the U.S. military's most elite fighting force. Inside and on the grounds of this compact facility you can see vehicles, weapons and other gear used by the SEALs, in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and other missions. These include HUMVEEs used in Desert Storm, a Black Hawk helicopter, and the actual lifeboat in which Somali pirates held Captain Richard Phillips of the Maersk Alabama hostage in 2009 before he was rescued by SEALs - the bullet holes are visible that resulted when SEAL snipers killed some of the pirates. You can pose for photos wearing uniform accessories and firearms replicas that are the actual size and weight of the real thing - and you'll see that wielding these weapons in itself is quite a challenge. The grounds also feature an obstacle course such as those SEALs use for training, so you can see if you would make the cut.
      If you go:
      Open until 4:00 P.M. every day except Mondays and major holidays. You will find the staff are friendly and helpful, and chances are that among the other patrons you will find former military personnel whom you can engage in informative conversation.


      3300 North Highway A1A
      North Hutchinson Island,
      Fort Pierce, Florida 34949 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Navy SEAL Museum
      +1 (772) 595-5845