• Exit Strategy - Charlotte, North Carolina

      Exit Strategy
      Photo by Dennis Goza
      You're locked in a room and you have an hour to find your way out, using the clues scattered all around you. It's a concept that has been popular in Europe, and now you can experience it in grand fashion in Charlotte. At Exit Strategy, you have your choice of being locked in a room with a Seventies motif, or the Cabin in the Woods. Come with your brain fully engaged, as you will be tested on observation, memory, logic and lateral thinking. But just in case you get stuck, your host will be observing you on a monitor and communicating via walkie-talkie with as many hints as you need or request - or letting you know if you do something wrong. The bad news is that it may be too challenging to complete your task in one visit. The good news is that it's challenging and fun enough to bear repeat visits.

      If you go:
      The Seventies room is designed for groups of 2 to 6, while Cabin in the Woods room will accommodate 2 to 8. Reservations required. Arrive 15 minutes early for orientation. No photography allowed inside rooms.


      4101-G Stuart Andrew Boulevard
      Charlotte, North Carolina 28217 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Reservations and Information
      +1 (704) 837-0515

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      1. Dennis Goza's Avatar
        Dennis Goza -
        Exit Strategy has now moved to a new location in the same neighborhood:
        4215 Stuart Andrew Blvd, Suite B
        Charlotte NC 28217
        And they've opened up a new room, the Murder Mystery Room.
      1. Mark Sedenquist's Avatar
        Mark Sedenquist -
        Well, that's good to know. I probably should update the RA. Thanks,