• Coronado Trail Scenic Byway - Morenci/Springerville, Arizona

      Photo by Peter Thody
      Highway 191 is not a route designed to get you from A to B in a hurry, but a glorious, 123-mile driving (or riding) experience that takes in well over 400 curves and switchbacks, a 6,000-ft change in elevation, and scenery that covers everything from lakes and forests to endless mountaintop views. It starts (or ends, depending on your direction of travel) at the mining town of Morenci and ends at Springerville. There are numerous picnic areas, lookout points, campgrounds and trailheads along the way. The northern section is also famed for its wildlife.

      If you go:
      Don't be put off by the fact that much of the route was originally designated Highway 666, not by the popular reference website that falsely describes it as a "very dangerous mountain road." Driven with normal care and attention, it's neither satanic nor dangerous!


      US Highway 191
      Morenci/Springerville, Arizona USA

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