• Baby Jessica - Midland, Texas

      The Plaque At Midland Center
      Photo by Kimberly Goza
      Before it became known as the home town of George W. Bush, the sleepy city of Midland became famous worldwide in 1987 when Jessica McClure, age 18 months, was trapped in a narrow well for 58 hours. An intensive and innovative rescue effort saved her, and the city placed two commemorative tributes to the heroism and the spirit of the community. One is a bronze plaque on the outside of Midland Center, and the other is a mural inside the complex.

      If you go:
      Contact the Center (which is used for conventions and special events) in advance to see when it will be open for viewing of the mural.


      109 North Main
      Midland, Texas 79701 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Midland Center
      +1 (432) 682-6234

      Midland Convention & Visitors Bureau
      +1 (800) 624-6435