• RoadTrip America's Mission Statement

      RoadTripAmerica’s Mission is to provide advice, inspiration and resources for planning road trips in North America

      Here’s what RTA offers:

      • Feature articles, road trip tips, road trip routes, custom maps, reviews of road trip-related gear and books, road trip recipes, and recommendations for travel services, lodging, and vehicle rental

      All our articles, features, information, map-making tools, and reviews are available to the public free of charge. Our RoadTrip Store offers selected books and equipment, and we offer travel booking services in partnership with Priceline.

      • Custom maps & planning tools

      The RTA RoadTrip Map Center enables registered members to create personal, customized road trip itineraries using RTA's library of RoadTrip Attractions along with user-created “Custom Places.” Members can search for RoadTrip Attractions along any route or road (even dirt ones!) in North America. Maps and routes can shared with friends or posted on blogs, Web sites, or social networking sites. (Eventually, they’ll also be accessible through mobile devices.) One of the most popular map tools is a radius search,” which allows users to search for RoadTrip Attractions surrounding any city or location in North America. RoadTrip Attractions include a wide range of destinations and events as well as unusual eateries, businesses, and lodging.

      • A road trip community

      The Great American RoadTrip Forum is a virtual meeting place for travelers from around the globe. Our moderators, seasoned roadtrippers all, provide road-tested advice and inspiration for routes from New Brunswick to California and Alaska to Mexico. We’ve even got information about some of North America’s off shore regions, like Greenland and Puerto Rico. To get personal advice through our forum or to join the discussions, registration is required. It’s free.

      • A virtual escape

      RTA is packed with road trip articles and entertainment features. Our most popular is our ever-growing gallery of funny road signs – the Web’s largest. We also have galleries of roadside murals and marvels, and we host an ongoing “Where in North America?” mystery photo game.
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