• Leaning Water Tower - Groom, Texas

      Leaning Water Tower, Groom
      Photo by Peter Thody
      A Route 66 landmark for many years, the 'Leaning Tower of Texas' was deliberately built this way to attract attention, getting motorists to slow down and then stop at Ralph Britten's truck stop and restaurant. The restaurant is long gone but the water tower still stands on the eastern edge of town, leaning 10 degrees from the vertical (although it looks a lot more) with one leg hanging in the air.

      If you go:
      The leaning tower isn't the only landmark in Groom. On the western side of town stands a 190-feet tall cross. Like its leaning neighbor, it was erected as a marketing device, attracting visitors to stop, take a look around a whole collection of religious sculptures, and visit the gift shop.


      I-40 Frontage Road
      Groom, Texas 79039 USA