• First Presbyterian Church of Port Gibson - Port Gibson, Mississippi

      A gold hand with extended index finger at the top of the steeple reaches skyward. Built in 1859-60, the First Presbyterian Church is built in Romanesque Revival style. Placed on top of the steeple is a hand pointing to heaven. This makes it the tallest church in Port Gibson. The original wooden hand was destroyed by woodpeckers and the ravages of time. Now the hand and index finger pointing to heaven is made of 24-gauge sheet iron and covered with gold leaf. The hand is 10'4" long with a 4-foot finger.

      If you go:
      If you go during services or if the door is open, note the clock original to the building, the solid brass chandeliers from the old steamboat Robert E. Lee and the beautiful stained glass window. Also in town, City Hall at 1005 College St has a collection of historical photos on display.


      605 Church Street
      Port Gibson, Mississippi 39150 USA

      Mailing address:
      PO Box 517
      Port Gibson, MS 39150 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Church office
      +1 (601) 437-5428