• The Mill Casino - North Bend, Oregon

      The Mill
      Photo by Dennis Goza
      Located on Highway 101 along picturesque Coos Bay, The Mill Casino is a pleasant resort and gaming center located in what was once an actual plywood mill. The facility is designed in a rustic motif that pays tribute to the region's logging and milling heritage, as well as the heritage of the Coquille Tribe that operates it. Offers an extensive assortment of games and gaming machines, as well as fine dining and even a nonsmoking bar. There is an RV park on the property.

      If you go:
      Be sure to visit Warehouse 101, a restaurant in the casino, to see an exhibit about Marie Metcalf, a member of the Coquille Tribe, who was the most successful bootlegger in this area. The copper kettle she used in her still is on display just inside the restaurant entrance. Although technically located in North Bend, The Mill is next to the colorful town of Coos Bay, which is worth exploring.


      3201 Tremont Street
      North Bend, Oregon 97459 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Toll Free Reservations
      +1 (800) 953.4800

      +1 (541) 756.8800