• Ashkenaz - Berkeley, California

      Photo by Dennis Goza
      Since 1973, Ashkenaz has been a popular venue for world music and dance. Once the bay area hub of the international folk dance craze, Ashkenaz still offers [PRBREAK][/PRBREAK classes and dance sessions in many kinds of dancing including Balkan, African, Salsa, Tango and even belly dancing. There are also performances by a wide variety of musicians. And the venue also includes a restaurant offering a vegetarian menu, plus beer and wine. The music is lively, the dancing is fun, the clientele is colorful, the wood decor is homey and the dance floor is spacious and inviting. ]

      If you go:
      Ashkenaz is family friendly, and even offers classes and activities especially for kids. Free street parking is usually available, and for evening events, the REI store across the street allows Ashkenaz patrons to park in its lot free.


      1317 San Pablo Avenue
      Berkeley, California 94702 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      +1 (510) 525-5054