• Horseshoe Bend Overlook - Page, Arizona

      Photo by Peter Thody
      Horseshoe Bend is one of the most photographed natural features in the southwest and rightly so. After a short but challenging hike (see below), you reach a sheer cliff standing 1100 feet above a breathtakingly beautiful bend in the Colorado River. The combination of deep green waters, rich red rocks and almost space-like dark blue sky above make this an unforgettable view. To capture the full stunning effect, you'll need a wide angle lens.

      If you go:
      Take care: there are no guard rails at all and people can - and do - fall to their death here. It's a 1.5 mile round trip which may sound easy but the inclines, elevation, heat and loose sand can all make it seem much, much more so take plenty of water!


      Horseshoe Bend Overlook
      US 89
      Page, Arizona 86040 USA

      Mailing address:
      Page - Lake Powell Tourism Bureau
      P.O. Box 332
      647 - A Elm Street
      Page, AZ 86040 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Page - Lake Powell Tourism Bureau
      +1 (888) 261-7243

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      1. john.waters's Avatar
        john.waters -
        One of my Highlights from 2011.I walked out there at midday as the locals said it was the best time to avoid shadows.It was a long dry hot was a long dry walk as I left my water in the car.Still worth it for the view over the edge.