• Stone Mountain Park - Stone Mountain, Georgia

      Stone Mountain
      Photo by Kimberly Goza
      Stone Mountain is famous for its gigantic carved granite tribute to three leaders of the Confederacy. But in the shadow of its domed shape lies Stone Mountain Park. One of Georgia's best loved tourist attractions, it's a theme park offering fun for all ages and all seasons. The Disneyesque main street complex provides shopping, dining and entertainment such as 4-D movies and glass blowing demonstrations. In the warmer months, you can ride an amphibious Duck, climb ropes and walls, zipline, take a train ride, and indulge in many other activities. In the winter, the centerpiece is Snow Mountain, where you can snow tube down the slopes no matter how warm the weather gets. And all year long, there is the Skyride, which takes you to the peak in a windowed tram that gives you a breathtaking view of the landscape.

      If you go:
      Check out the museum with photos and a film detailing the carving of the sculpture in the mountainside. Snow Mountain sessions are booked in two hour increments. It's best to reserve either the first or last session of the day, as the crowds will be smaller and the cooler temperatures may make for faster tubing. There's a strenuous, but not particularly long hiking trail you can take up to the summit.


      1000 Robert E Lee Boulevard
      Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083 USA

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      PO Box 778
      Stone Mountain, GA 30083 USA

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      Stone Mountain Park
      +1 (770) 498-5690

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      +1 (800) 401-2407

      +1 (800) 385-9807