• The Third Gate by Lincoln Child

      Be prepared to be amazed. This should have been the instruction given to Professor Jeremy Logan when he agrees to help treasure hunter Porter Stone unearth ancient Egyptian artifacts in the Sudd, a marshy no-man’s land in Sudan. Of course, Jeremy is used to amazing discoveries in his profession as an enigmologist or someone who is skilled at solving bizarre and incomprehensible mysteries. Porter Stone is convinced that the Sudd holds the real and secret tomb of Narmer, an early Egyptian pharaoh who was born 3100 years before Christ and is considered by historians to be the first pharaoh of United Egypt. Stone’s research has suggested that the secret tomb was deliberately located in an area that would be flooded and covered with vegetation, keeping it concealed for eternity. He also believes that the tomb contains a priceless treasure-Narmer’s crown-one reputed to possess unimaginable power. While the archeological team digs through the dense depths of strangling vegetation to reach the bottom of the bog, unexplained accidents begin to plague the expedition. Since Professor Logan is famed for his work with paranormal activity and near-death experiences, he is summoned to the site to find an explanation and remedy so that the dig can continue safely. What he finds is terrible and terrifying, challenging even his liberal belief system and leaving him scrambling for life and his soul.

      Wow! Lincoln Child has written a spell-binding thriller, set in an exotic and forbidding area of the world. He combines the wonders of modern technology with the mysteries and superstitions of ancient history and virtuousness of honest men with the wickedness of greedy ones. He offers historical background about Ancient Egypt while discussing new research in extrasensory perception and paranormal experiences. The reader Johnathan McClain’s presentation enhances Lincoln Child’s prose, adding to the excitement and impressions of danger and urgency with his intonation and rhythm. This audio book is sure to delight mystery fans as well as those who are interested in the ever-expanding boundaries of human cognition and communication. Thought-provoking and entertaining—a must read.

      The Third Gate by Lincoln Child
      Read by Johnathan McClain
      Random House Audio, unabridged: 9.5 hours on 8 CDs