• Folsom Farms Country Store - Glennville, Georgia

      Folsom Farms Country Store
      Photo by Bob Cara
      If you like to sample locally produced food, candies and other such stuff, this is a great place to stop at. Located along US-Hwy 301 just south of the town of Glennville, Georgia, this family-owned operation is the kind of place < where you could literally fill your car trunk. This is Vidalia Onion territory (per Georgia law, only 13 counties may legally grow and sell them) so there are lots of sauces to choose from. There are also jams, jellies, and all kinds of peach and pecan related items as well./div>

      If you go:
      Hours vary, so it is best to call ahead.


      819 Folsom Loop
      Glennville, Georgia 30427 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Folsom Farms office
      +1 (912) 654-1456