• The Dell Goodall House - Sylvania, Georgia

      Dell Goodall House
      Photo by Bob Cara
      In the 1840's, the town of Jacksonborough, Georgia had a well deserved reputation as a wild and lawless community populated by less than "God fearing" people. That was before traveling preacher Lorenzo Dow came to town, determined to drive out the vice and return the folks to righteous ways. Trouble was, the locals did not take kindly to the good reverend and ran him out of town. On the way out, he placed a curse on the town save for the home of Seaborn Goodall, the one man who had shown him kindness during his brief stay. Then strange things happened. Creeks overflowed and flooded buildings, lightning caused fires that destroyed houses. The county seat was moved to nearby Sylvania, and within a few years, the wicked town was gone - except for the Seaborn Goodall House which was mysteriously spared.

      If you go:
      The house (now known as the Dell Goodall house) is located a few hundred yards off of US-Hwy 301 just past the intersection with SR24, on Dell Goodall Road. Watch for the highway sign. Little else remains of the town, other than an abandoned motel and a few derelict buildings.


      Dell Goodall Road
      Sylvania, Georgia 30467 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Screven County Chamber of Commerce
      +1 (912) 564-7878