• Einstein House, Princeton, New Jersey

      Einstein House, Princeton, New Jersey
      Photo by Peter Thody
      Albert Einstein is, alongside Newton, perhaps the world's best known physicist and someone whose name continues to capture the public imagination. Einstein settled his family here in Princeton permanently in 1936 - having left Germany in 1932 following the rise to power of the Nazis - and remained in this home until his death in 1955. His daughter Margot continued to live here until her death in 1986.

      If you go:
      You can see the house from the road outside but it is not open to the public. Einstein expressed the wish that it should not be turned into a museum and it remains a private residence; despite this, hundreds of visitors year pass by to see where the great man spent his last 20 years.


      112 Mercer Street
      Princeton, New Jersey 08540 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Historical Society of Princeton
      +1 (609) 921-6748