• Taza Chocolate Factory Tour - Somerville, Massachusetts

      Taza Display
      Photo by Vistawhite
      Taza manufactures a variety of chocolate products using a stone grinding process similar to that employed in Mexico centuries ago. The result is a coarser, and many say more flavorful chocolate. The company also is known for its support of organic, fair trade, and economically sound practices. You can take a 45-minute tour of its manufacturing facility, the only chocolate plant in the Boston area, and see the process in operation. Free samples will be offered, and of course there is a gift shop on the premises where you can buy even more to satisfy your sweet tooth.

      If you go:
      Cost of the tour is five dollars. Tours are conducted at least once daily Wednesday through Sunday, with more tours on the weekend. When taking the tour, you should wear shoes with closed toes, and avoid wearing fragrances. Not all tours are conducted while the manufacturing machinery is actually in operation, so you might want to call ahead if you want to ascertain that you will be there during that time. The tour is recommended for ages 10 and up.


      561 Windsor Street
      Somerville, Massachusetts 02143 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Tours and Retail Shop
      +1 (617) 284-2232

      Taza Offices
      +1 (617) 623-0804