• Randsburg Art Gallery - Randsburg, California

      Photo by Megan Edwards
      Randsburg is a "living ghost town" having survived two wildfires in the late 1880's. Today the town boasts two art galleries, a photography studio, a B&B, antique stores and a saloon. One of these galleries, owned by Randall "Hoot" Smith, features local artists working in a variety of mediums depicting life in the eastern Sierra Nevada area.

      If you go:
      Be sure to stop in Charlie's "Ore" House and grab a special treat at the General Store which has a old-fashioned soda fountain. "Old West Days" is held the 2nd Saturday of September and features music, food and staged gunfights.


      142-A Butte Avenue
      Randsburg, California 93554 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Gallery information
      +1 (760) 301-2694

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      1. Mark Sedenquist's Avatar
        Mark Sedenquist -
        Tim Powers and his Magic Bus are still on display in Randsberg.
      1. Mark Sedenquist's Avatar
        Mark Sedenquist -
        Here is a map to the town that is very helpful. I've stayed at the Hill Street Cabin shown in the lower right part of the photo.