• Kartchner Caverns State Park - Benson, Arizona

      Two men, hunting for caves, discovered this immense, active cavern in 1974. Keeping it secret to protect its rare beauty, they and the property owners worked to make this a state park so all could enjoy it. You can choose from the Big Room tour or the Rotunda/Throne tour.

      If you go:
      Each tour is 1/2 mile of walking, but is wheelchair accessible. No items, cameras bags, canes or walkers, are allowed on the tours. The Big Room is closed from mid-April through mid-October and children under 7 are not permitted on this tour. Reservations are strongly advised and you must arrive an hour before your scheduled tour time. The cave is 72 degrees F. RV parking available. Camp sites may be reserved.


      2980 S Highway 90
      Benson, Arizona 85602 USA

      Mailing address:
      Arizona State Parks
      1300. W. Washington Street
      Phoenix, AZ 85007 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Park information
      +1 (520) 586-4100

      +1 (520) 586-2283