• Cork Neighborhood Bistro - North Charleston, South Carolina

      Cork Neighborhood Bistro
      Photo by Dennis Goza
      Cork is a cozy, friendly place to enjoy an elegant meal. The low-level lighting creates a romantic atmosphere but adequately showcases the work of local artists displayed on the walls. The interior has a feel that is older than it really is, in part because as part of its commitment to being as green as possible, Cork uses entirely recycled materials to construct its decor.

      If you go:
      Closed Sundays. Menu varies according to what is available locally. Vegetarian options are somewhat limited, but imaginative, and the chef will prepare a dish to order if you don't find a suitable vegetarian selection on the menu.


      1067 East Montague Avenue
      North Charleston, South Carolina 29405 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Cork Neighborhood Bistro
      +1 (843) 225-2675