• The Hogback, Utah Scenic Byway 12 - Boulder, Utah

      The Hogback, Utah Scenic Byway 12
      Photo by Peter Thody
      Utah Scenic Byway 12 offers an amazing range of sights and experiences, and the Hogback is one of the most memorable of them all. Situated between Calf Creek Recreation Area and the town of Boulder, this thin strip of road has been laid on the very ridge of the slickrock that runs through this area. This means that the land falls off to both sides of the road, resulting in a drive so spectacular that it's regularly ranked among the best in America.

      If you go:
      It's not as scary as it might sound; the drop-offs aren't steep and there are plenty of places to stop so the driver can enjoy the view too.


      Utah Scenic Byway 12
      Boulder, Utah 84716 USA

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      Escalante Interagency Visitor Center
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