• Jelly Belly Factory Tour - Fairfield, California

      Photo by Dennis Goza
      Jelly Belly is one of the best known jellybean manufacturers in the world, and is the official maker of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean by arrangement with the Harry Potter folks. The 40-minute guided tour gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the complicated process of manufacturing the treat. But equally fascinating is the jellybean artwork displayed in the lobby, including portraits of such notables as George Washington and Princess Diana.

      If you go:
      The free tours are offered every day, but beans are manufactured only on weekdays. On weekends, you'll see videos of the process instead.


      1 Jelly Belly Lane
      Fairfield, California 94533 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Corporate Headquarters
      +1 (800) 522-3267

      Fairfield Jelly Belly
      +1 (707) 399-2390