• Thunder Jack, Shields Valley - Wilsall, Montana

      Thunder Jack, Wilsall, MT
      Photo by Peter Thody
      Thunder Jack, a characterful life-size sculpture by local artist Gary Kerby, represents - and is dedicated to - the hundreds of mountain men who helped open up the Rockies, people like Jim Colter, Thomas Fitzpartrick and Jim Bridger who, in the words of the artist, "came, endured and made a home in this mountain valley."

      If you go:
      You'll travel through Shields Valley, alongside Shields River, both named in 1806 by Captain William Clark after John Shields, gunsmith and blacksmith with the Lewis & Clark expedition


      US Route 89
      Wilsall, Montana 59086 USA

      Mailing address:
      Gary Kerby Art
      Wilsall, MT 59086 USA

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      Gary Kerby Art
      +1 (406) 578-2247