• Merry Go-Round - Casa de Fruta - Hollister, California

      Photo by Megan Edwards
      Originally started in 1908 as an orchard, this has become a grand tourist attraction. The fruit stand has been expanded over the years and now includes rides for kids of all ages, a restaurant and other traveler services.

      If you go:
      We recommend the sandwiches made to order in the main store! Nice place for kids to unwind and relax.


      10021 Pacheco Pass Highway
      Hollister, California USA

      Phone Numbers:

      +1 (408) 842-9316

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      1. Eris's Avatar
        Eris -
        I have a liking for Merry Go- rounds – probably because as a youngster the fun fair came to our small market town once a year and a star attraction was a merry go-round.

        I touched on Hollister a couple of years ago when on my way from Monterey to Yosemite. Often see young men wearing a ‘T’ shirt with Hollister displayed, whether anything to do with this Hollister I am not sure. Unfortunately did not get to see the Hollister merry go-round.

        On my travels a favourite place is Missoula, Montana, where there is a glorious merry go-round down by the river. As a granddad I have sat on this a few times and acted young at heart. Happy days.