• Lethal by Sandra Brown

      Life has dealt Honor Gillette more than her share of cruel blows, the most recent of which was the death of her police officer husband, Eddie. After Eddie's fatal car accident, instead of moving into town she decides to raise their 4 year old daughter Emily in their isolated home along a remote Louisiana bayou. Grieving for the dead becomes secondary to struggling for life the day she befriends the injured man who appears at her door. Lee Coburn immediately takes advantage of her kindness and holds her and Emily at gunpoint as he ransacks the house demanding something he said Eddie was hiding before his death. Even though Honor learns that Coburn is the suspected gunman in a murderous rampage that left 7 dead the night before, she agrees to help him in exchange for Emily's safety. The more she learns about Coburn, the more she begins to question her loyalties to Eddie's friends and family. The violence that now surrounds Honore seems to be orchestrated by The Bookkeeper, a soft-spoken, but ruthless crime kingpin, who orders murders and mutilation as calmly as one might order lunch.

      Sandra Brown's Lethal is a thrilling tale of suspense, danger, and romance played out across a picturesque swampland. FBI agents, good cops, bad cops, hired killers, corrupt officials, trusted friends and innocent victims people Honore's world, leaving her confused and frightened, questioning her choices. The Bookkeeper is a particularly sinister character and Slezak's representation of the monster is tantalizingly chilling.

      Although this is primarily a mystery thriller, Brown allows several sets of characters to express appropriate, but uncharacteristic romantic urges, leading to some unusual plot developments. This adds a softer dimension to the intricate, spine-tingling plot and makes the revelation of The Bookkeeper's identity all the more compelling. This entertaining audio book is highly recommended for edge of the seat thrills, combined with a gratifying conclusion.

      Lethal by Sandra Brown
      Read by Victor Slezak
      Hachette Audio, unabridged: 12.5 hours on 11 CDs