• Tunnel Hill Heritage Center - Tunnel Hill, Georgia

      A museum and tunnel make Tunnel Hill, Georgia, a spot worth taking a few minutes to visit, especially if you have an interest in the Civil War. The movie, 'Great Locomotive Chase' (1956), depicted the part Tunnel Hill and northwest Georgia played in Andrews' Raid, a train chase that impacted one of the Civil War battles. Due to the work of many locals, the 1,477 foot tunnel has been restored and the museum gives visitors a glance of this period in U.S. history.

      If you go:
      Be sure to ask about the tale of General Hood's leg. There is a reenactment of the Battle of Tunnel Hill for a small fee and the museum admission is included.


      215 Clisby Austin Road
      Tunnel Hill, Georgia 30755 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      Tunnel Hill Heritage Center
      +1 (706) 876-1571