• Lift Tower Lodge - Ketchum, Idaho

      Lift Tower Lodge, Ketchum, Sun Valley, Idaho
      Photo by Peter Thody
      Idaho's Sun Valley became America's first ski resort in 1936 and has been the playground of the (very) rich and famous ever since. You're unlikely to find Bill Gates or Hollywood A-listers staying at the Lift Tower Lodge but its modest rates means that the ski slopes, lakes and mountains of the region are open to the rest of us too. There's nothing fancy about the place but it's cozy, clean and located close to the heart of Ketchum. And the owner - Betty - is a real character too.

      If you go:
      You'll need to reserve rooms by phone - there's no web site - and it's worth booking ahead; the rates make it popular place.


      703 South Main Street
      Ketchum, Idaho 83340 USA

      Phone Numbers:

      +1 (208) 726-5163

      +1 (800) 462-8646

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      1. Eris's Avatar
        Eris -
        Ketchum, Idaho, is where Ernest Hemingway lived and died in his later years. He was a very talented writer and a troubled man – the works he left are a treasure.

        He is buried in the local cemetery which is only a short walk from downtown. I went to pay my respect to him.

        Lift Tower Lodge; not for “A” listers - do you mind! Alright then - I stayed at the BW.