France 2008

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A quick 5-day trip
  1. Carole. You don't look bad on 25 years of marriage dear!
  2. A blackboard outside a restaurant in St Remy de Provence - birthplace of 16th century writer Nostradamus.
  3. Tarascon Chateau
  4. Vineyards
  5. Poppy
  6. Roussillon pigeon
  7. Roussillon - a town built on red stone cliffs and source of what is reputed to be the best red and yellow ochre in the world.
  8. The classic French road trip photo
  9. Nimes amphitheatre - venue for the best Radiohead concert I've seen to date.
  10. Poppy field
  11. Millau on the bridge
  12. Millau poppies
  13. N113 towards Arles mono
  14. Millau from the autoroute
  15. Millau from the valley
  16. Millau mono
  17. Market bread
  18. Market fish
  19. Market salami
  20. Elastique as they call it in France (or bungee as we call it int he rest of the world). Either way, rather him than me.
  21. Flowers. Perfect colours on a perfect Provecale background.
  22. Le Rozier
  23. Colorado Provencal de Rustrel 2
  24. Colorado Provencal de Rustrel 3 - photo by Carole
  25. Door knocker - just look at the age of that wood
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